The production of Polvanera covers an area of circa 100 HA of Primitivo, Aleatico, Aglianico, Minutolo, Moscato, Falangina, Bianco d’Alessano, Marchione and Maresco. The wines differ from one another with regards to the vineyard’s age and the type of soil on which they are planted; they grow at 300 – 450 MT over the sea. Altitudes and temperature ranges guarantee the expression of fine and elegant scents in the wine. The growing methods are bush vines (for the 60 years old vineyard) and spur pruned cordon training; vineyard grows in accordance to the principle of the organic farming. Our wines’ tastes are close to the tradition: grapes produced by the old bush vines are vinified with modern yet absolutely simple oenological practices. Maturation and fermentation take place in stainless steel tanks and in the bottle. Our wines seek no oak barrels at all, to preserve the original tastes and characteristics of Primitivo and also to avoid oxidative evolutions. This combination between tradition and innovation gave life to a wine strictly connected with its territory, that has a high drinkability and typical elegant, fresh and mineral notes.