Historical traces of this grape seem to state the ancient region of Illyria (which at present-day includes parts of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania) as Primitivo’s country of origin. It is thought that this grapevine has been brought to Apulia between XV and XVI century by Slavic escapees, the so-called Schiavoni or Greeks of Albania, who abandoned their land because of the Ottoman occupation. It was at the end of the XVIII century that Don Filippo Indellicati from Gioia del Colle, a priest who was keen on botany, first gave this grapevine the name that is still in use nowadays: he planted a vineyard in the area “Contrada Terzi” and baptized it Primativo because of grape’s tendency to ripen early. Excellent oenological results ease the spread of this grape variety like wildfire, especially in the area of the Murgia (Bari) and in the one near Taranto. The main characteristics of Primitivo from the Murgian area are: beautiful colour, from deep-purple red to ruby red and dark red during the development; fresh, pure nose of red and black berries and herbs and spices; sumptuous, elegant taste supported by velvety tannins and marked by fresh and mineral notes. These features render the wine extremely enduring.